Tree Trimming

What is tree trimming?

When you signed up for electrical service, you agree to allow us to maintain adequate line clearance to assure safe, reliable service. Blinking lights and outages cause by trees growing into power lines can be reduced when PVREA personnel trim or remove trees. Please help us by cooperating with our efforts to maintain maximum right-of-way clearance on your property.

Why is it needed?

Maintaining right-of-way clearances is necessary to provide safe and reliable service. Poudre Valley REA utilizes its own crew and contractor crews to clear trees and brush along the right-of-way of our power lines. 

Why we send the experts?

A tree, close to a power line, may come in contact with the line and will eventually grow into the power line. You should never trim this tree yourself. Poudre Valley REA will send a specially trained crew with the proper tools and equipment to trim or remove the tree. 

Trimming close to power line may cause a trimmed piece to fall into the line. A dead tree near a power line may fall into the line. Never climb into a tree that is near or contacting a power line. Never bring anything within 10 feet of a power line.

Do you have a tree trimming need?

If you feel that you have trees that need to be trimmed or removed because they are too close to our power lines, please call our office  at 1-800-432-1012 and we will have our tree trimming crew work with you to resolve the problem.