Renewable Net Metering

Members can connect their own renewable energy generation system to the power grid and offset their electric needs through self-generation. Thinking about renewable generation, such as solar? Give us a call, we're happy to help you out.

What are the steps for interconnection?

For safety and interconnection standards, Poudre Valley REA will review your plans and approve your system before it is connected to the electric grid. Members should contact us before you purchase any equipment.

  1. Call Poudre Valley REA Member Relations at 1-800-432-1012 to discuss your plans. 
  2. Review the Poudre Valley REA Renewable Net-metering Application to see if your planned system meets the Interconnection Standards. Systems must be under 25 kW, and per state statute, you are allowed to completely offset your home's average energy use with a renewable source. Your system cannot have the potential to generate greater than 120% of your home's average energy consumption.
  3. Check with the building and zoning departments in the county in which you live to request a building permit and/or an electrical permit for an electrical addition; and
  4. Check with your home owner's association. 
  5. Submit the Renewable Net-Metering Application Form and a check for the required fees: a $100 Application Fee and $55 meter exchange fee. Checks can be mailed to PVREA at PO Box 272550, Fort Collins, CO 80527. Contact your contractor and/or equipment manufacturer for assistance obtaining the information required in the application. 
  6. Once your generation is installed and your required inspection is completed, you will be put on the Tariff NP (Net Metering) rate for payment of annual true-up of unused energy credit balance at $0.04528 /kWh. The annual true-up date is April 1.
  7. PVREA will exchange your meter and install a net-meter.



We would love to help. Call Member Relations at 1-800-432-1012 with any help you may need.