Rates: Working to Exceed Your Expectations

With our busy schedules, my wife and I often go to the grocery store to divide and conquer. While grabbing a gallon of milk the other day, I stopped to look at the price and contemplated all that goes behind that dollar sign.

Whether a large operation or a small, family farm, it takes a lot of work to run a dairy operation and bring milk to our table. Cows must be milked at least twice a day, every day. The milking parlor must be kept clean, the machines sterile and maintained mechanically, and workers hired to bring the cows in and out to be milked. Then the milk must be stored at a certain temperature, pasteurized, bottled, shipped and eventually put on our grocery store shelf. There are many moving parts and technical processes just for that gallon of milk.


Holding the line on rates for 2018 AND 2019!


The same goes for electricity. There are a lot of moving parts to bringing electricity from the generation sources to your homes so you can flip on the light switch and have electricity whenever you need it. It’s our job to generate enough electricity to meet every members’ needs, whether it’s to power your lights at home or a large commercial operation. We plan several years’ worth of construction and maintenance for our power lines – hundreds of miles of power lines and equipment – to provide you reliable service. The men and women in our office run our billing, accounting, energy efficiency programs, engineer new neighborhoods and trim trees. Additionally, our linemen are on call 24/7 to restore electricity when mother nature or another event causes power outages.

All those moving parts bring an excellent value to your everyday life for a minimal cost. As your not-for-profit cooperative, it’s our mission to provide not only safe and reliable electricity to you, but also affordable electricity. For each household PVREA serves based on the national average, it costs less than $3.00 a day to have electricity at your home. For $3.00 in one day, you can watch TV, charge your phone, run the dishwasher, wash your clothes, heat your home and make dinner. For comparison, just one latte’ costs almost $5.00. A take-out hamburger costs $3.99.

As the price of milk, bread, coffee and gas have gone up, electricity has remained a substantial value over the decades. PVREA wants to exceed your expectations and continue to keep your electric bill affordable.

One of the ways we are working to exceed your expectations is the capacity to have no rate increase for the next two years. Based on the Cooperative’s financial health and management of costs, I am pleased to report PVREA will be holding the line on rates for 2018 AND 2019! Being able to have this great news does not happen by accident. It starts with the leadership and direction from the Board of Directors and the execution of that direction by the employee team. 

So, the next time you flip a switch, use your toaster, or run your washing machine, remember the value electricity holds. Know that we at Poudre Valley REA continue to look out for you by working together to keep electric bills affordable, controlling costs through innovation, and putting you, our members, first in all that we do. Happy Thanksgiving from PVREA!








Jeff Wadsworth, PVREA President & CEO

Date Posted: 10/23/2017