PVREA's Culture of Safety- Message from the President & CEO

Every day, our employees work with thousands of volts of electricity. It’s a dangerous job, and one where safety is not only important but critical in going home to your family every day.

Last year, we implemented a new safety mission statement at the co-op - “Safety is our Cornerstone”. To me, safety is at the foundation of everything we do at PVREA. We have worked to intertwine safety throughout each of our departments, whether it’s an outside crew member or an inside employee, and in every aspect of how we serve you, our members.

It’s imperative to send each of our employees home safely at the end of each day, and the way to achieve that is by learning together how to stay safe on the job. Part of building a culture of safety at PVREA is having a comprehensive safety program for our employees. We have a “Safety Toolbox” where employees are equipped with the tools needed to be safe every day in their jobs.

Just recently, all of our employees went through a “Speak Up! Listen Up!” training. All too often in places of work, employees are fearful of calling out bad or questionable safety practices while on the job. Through this training, we taught our employees how to be confident enough to speak up when they feel safety is a concern, and to also be humble enough to listen up when another employee gives feedback about a safety concern. At PVREA, we have an environment where we encourage employees to openly discuss safety concerns.

I’m proud that your co-op’s employees have taken upon themselves to exude a culture of safety. In fact, at the end of 2016 your co-op had worked 1,453 days without a lost-time accident. What a great safety record!

It’s also a goal for the co-op to proactively educate the public about electrical safety. Electricity is a great tool and a wonderful luxury that most of us don’t even think about each day, which can also cause us to forget about the thousands of volts of electricity that are running through an overhead power line in our neighborhood or the 120 volts found in each electrical socket in your home. We’re the energy experts, and we feel it’s our duty to educate our children, first responders, contractors and the general public about the hazards of electricity.

We have a small “Power Town” electrical safety demonstration, and a large, life-size electrical demo that allows us to visually demonstrate the hazards of electricity and how to use electricity safely. The kids, as well as I, always love seeing the hotdog roasted on the live power line on our large safety demo! It’s an awesome tool that allows us to train contractors, fire fighters, and kids in schools how to be safe around electricity.

When you provide a product that is used every day but is also dangerous, it becomes vital to have a culture of safety internally and externally. May is Electrical Safety Month - a month we celebrate every year to revisit with our members how your co-op is taking the initiative to keep the community and our employees safe. Because it’s not just a priority - it’s our cornerstone.

Jeff Wadsworth
President & CEO












Date Posted: 4/20/2017