2016 Year in Review

2016-2017 Strategy Map Initialized
PVREA initialized a Strategy Mapto guide the co-op for the next 2 years. The strategy focuses on specific objectives: the Quest for Zero (safety), Team Synergy, Operational Excellence, Financial Stewardship and Renowned Member Experienece.

No Rate Increase
PVREA had no rate increase in 2016. This marked the third year in a row that PVREA has not implemented any rate increases to the homes and businesses we serve. PVREA is also proud the co-op has not raised rates due to internal operating costs since 2009. This is a direct refelction of the management of costs.

The electric grid, how it was originally designed, works much like a Christmas tree light strand. On one circuit, if one house goes out, the rest go out. To eliminate this problem and decrease outages, PVREA started sectionalizing our system. These upgrades to the system allow us to eliminate the Christmas tree light strand effect and we are able to isolate and decrease outage time. When a line loses power, we are able to isolate a particular section of that line and keep power flowing to the rest of the members on that line so there are not as many people without power. In 2016 we completed 29 circuits. 

Member Appreciation BBQ
Over 600 members attended the 2016 Member Appreciation BBQ at the PVREA headquarters. The co-op served hotdogs and hamburgers, and members enjoyed "their slice of the co-op pie"- a small pie that symbolized the return of $3 million in capital credits. Members also enjoyed face painting, a bounce house, bean bag toss, bucket truck rides, Power, and the safety demo.

2-Megawatts Solar Installed
Another 2-megawatts of solar energy was added to PVREA's energy portfolio. Through a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with Silicon Ranch Corporation, over 24,000 more solar panels were added at the existing Skylark Solar Facilitiy in Weld County.

School and Safety Outreach
Electricity is a great tool and wonderful luxury, but can be dangerous. That's why we take advantage of the knowledge of our line crews and stafff and conduct safety presentations for first responders, contractors, PVREA members and employees. We also bring "Power Town" to local schools and youth organizations to teach kids about electrical safety.

Digitized Member Publications
In efforts to serve all of our members who would much rather obtain information electronically, PVREA worked to put all member puclications on the web. Members can now receive an e-newsletter in their email inbox from their co-op and submit rebate applications on their computer, mobile phone or tablet.

New Member Program
As Northern Colorado continues to grow, PVREA also sees more members entering to co-op family each year. In 2016, PVREA began mailing or emailing a Member Handbook to each new member. The handbook goes over member benefits such as social media communications, rebates, youth programs and many other programs your co-op offers.

Underground Cable Testing Pilot Project
PVREA investigated a new high voltage, underground power line, or cable, testing techonology. This technology detects and locates various common defects in an underground cable that eventually causes the cable to fail and results in a power outage. We conducted a pilot project in Paradise Acres subdivision using this testing method to determine the condition of the udnergroud cable. The results of the test identified cable locations where cale needs to be repaired or would otherwise eventually lead to a cable failure and outage.

Power Talk
You're a co-op member, and so you deserve to be in the know. That's why PVREA started up Power Talk. Power Talk is a video update for members. PVREA uses Power Talk to let you know the latest projects the co-op is working on to increase reliability, keep costs in check and enhance member service for you. Watch editions of Power Talk on our website, YouTube or Facebook.

Veterans Recruiting Program
In 2016, PVREA decided to begin an intitiative to fill workforce gaps with veterans. Electric co-ops across the country wil lexperience a significant loss of workforce over the next five years, as thousands of employees reach retirement age. Coupled with the increasing technical nature of how distribution co-ops run and the significant growth in our particular region of the country, the need for highly skilled employees continues to expand. In many ways veterans fill this gap due to the technical and leadership training they receive during their time in the military.

PVREA holds a membership in the Serve our Co-ops; Serve our Country nationwide coalition, gives veterans' preference in the hiring process, posts our open jobs to veteran-specific sources and has an ongoing veterans' hiring and onboarding training. Just last year, 25% of our new hires were veterans. Commitment to serving our community- one of the cooperative principles- is tantamount to our indentity at PVREA, and serving tose that have served our country follows naturally. 


Date Posted: 3/23/2017