2016 Annual Report- Message from the President & CEO

It’s all about you at an electric cooperative! Your priorities are our priorities. I firmly believe that you, our members, need to be at the heart of everything we do. And for the past 78 years, we have strived to be a co-op that put its members first.

Serving you and your neighbors has always been our number one priority, and was once again our focus in 2016. The year 2016 was one of solid performance for your Cooperative financially and operationally.

At the beginning of 2016, we commenced a 2-year Strategy Map to guide us. Throughout the year, I unpacked each strategy item in the magazine, which you can go back and re-read on our website if you want a refresher. Guided by our strategy map, we started to undertake initiatives to better serve our members and be a more engaged co-op. We deployed a new bill format that is easier to read, understand and provides more in-depth information on your energy usage, held a great Member Appreciation BBQ that had over 600 people in attendance, energized 2-megawatts of utility scale solar, and began a sectionalizing project to help decrease outages. And this is just a small listing of the initiatives we were able to complete in 2016.

Your Board of Directors were pleased to have no rate increase to members for 2016. The Board of Directors also retired $3 million in capital credits to members from the years 2002, 2003 and 2015. I am also pleased to report our members’ bills are among the lowest for cooperatives in the state, proof of your co-op’s effort to keep costs in check and rates reasonable and affordable.

We’re excited to share some more accomplishments in our 2016 Annual Report. The pages that follow provide an overview about the performance of your Cooperative, including financials and several more key initiatives we undertook in 2016.

This is what being a co-op member is all about – being involved with and knowing what your co-op is doing to serve you. As you read through the next pages I hope you gain an appreciation and understanding of how your co-op, in which you’re a member-owner, is keeping your needs our number one priority.  Join us at the Annual Meeting on April 8 at the Embassy Suites in Loveland to hear more from me and your Board of Directors.

As we plan for the future what our members need from us, we rely upon your engagement to help guide us. As your trusted energy adviser, our key strategic goals all point toward member value. Benefitting our members in every way, from providing reliable, affordable electricity to improving the quality of life in northern Colorado, is the driving force of why we exist as a cooperative - to serve you, our members!


Jeff Wadswoth
President & CEO



Date Posted: 3/20/2017