Giving Back is the Co-op Way

Cooperatives across the globe adhere to the same Seven Cooperative Principles that guide all of our decisions––from how we run the co-op, to how we engage with our local communities. Concern for Community is the seventh principle, and it is one that all employees at PVREA value. Every year we commit to donating to local non-profits and participate in many fairs and festivals in our local community.

Concern for the community is the reason why PVREA was founded. The people in our parents’, grandparents’ or great grandparents’ generation came together using the cooperative business model as their guide.

It was their concern for our community – to bring safe, reliable and affordable electric power to our region – that defined our purpose. 

This is why your co-op follows the Concern for Community principle with such commitment every year. In fact, the co-op uses unclaimed capital credits funds for donations every year. In addition to providing electric service, PVREA gives back to our community through programs such as youth scholarships, Youth Tour, Youth Leadership Camp, Energy Outreach Colorado and many other programs that benefit our local community. Check out all of our community programs here.

Check out the list of community involvement we have planned for 2017. This is just another part of the co-op difference.

PVREA Involvement for 2017

Date Posted: 12/27/2016