High Bill Resources

Why is my bill higher than normal?

Check your meter reading. 
Poudre Valley REA uses automated meter reading technology that helps prevent human error in calculating bills.  Check the reading on your meter and compare with the reading on your statement.  If the reading on your meter is higher than the one on your bill, it is likely that your bill is accurate.

Think back to the month in question.
By the time you receive the bill, a few weeks have passed since you used the electricity. Were temperatures extremely hot or cold?  Did you have visitors in your home?  Did you add additional energy-using products?

Log into SmartHub.

Sometimes we forget what the previous month's temperatures were, or what happened in our household that could have caused an increase in electric use. SmartHub is an online tool that allows you to log into your electric account and see almost real-time your daily electric use and correlating temperatures. You can look back at the previous month, and see which days had higher use. 

Call the Cooperative.

We have many resources available to help determine why a bill was higher than normal, like providing you with daily use reports or walk you through common energy suckers.



The resources below are a few of our favorites:

SmartHub - An online tool and free app that allows you to pay your electric bill, view use almost real-time and report an outage.

Energy Savings Home Tour - Learn what you can do to lower your energy costs with this easy, online home tour. Is your water heater temperature set too high? Do you need to add more insulation in your attic? This easy, online home tour will tell you.

TogetherWeSave.com  - A great resource from Touchstone Energy for members' to find energy efficiency tips and tools. The website also has an interactive home tour that shows you how making some small changes can add up to savings for a more efficient home. 

101 Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money - Easy tips to save a little on energy

Rebates - Invest in energy-efficient products, like an Energy Star clothes washer or dish washer, AND get a rebate from the co-op.

ENERGY STAR - A great website to learn about energy-efficiency in the home.