Why am I being charged a facilities charge?

There are fixed cost associated with building and maintaining an electric distribution system. Even if your lights aren’t on, we still have to supply all of the materials and maintenance needed to provide power to your home or business. In order to recover these costs, a utility has essentially two options: recover all fixed cost through rates, or recover a significant portion through a facilities charge fairly distributed throughout the entire membership based on the members’ class of service. 

Recovering our fixed costs appropriately through the facilities charge reduces our risk of being dependent on weather extremes and allows us to collect our real costs of service each and every month.  This approach also provides to you, our members, greater consistency in your billing each month and fairness.  You can be confident knowing you are paying your “fair share” for your particular class of service. Learn more about your electric bill here.

What are Capital Credits?

Electric cooperatives like PVREA are not-for-profit organizations.  Any margins related to the sale of electric service remaining after all expenses have been paid, are returned to the members in proportion to their electrical usage.  After reviewing the cooperatives financial standing, the Board of Directors can declare a retirement, whereby all or part of your share is returned to you, the member. Check out a video on capital credits here.

Would it be possible to have my due date changed?

Unfortunately not at this time.  Billing cycles and subsequently, due dates, are determined by your service location. However, we will continue to monitor the feasibility of this feature for the future.

How can I set up Auto-Pay to draft from my debit or credit card?

Currently, our Auto Pay feature drafts only from a checking or savings account using a routing or account number.  However, we will continue to monitor the feasibility of this feature for the future. 

May I select my Auto-pay date?

Auto-pay cycles run concurrent with the billing cycle for your particular service location.  At this time, we can’t accommodate personal selections for Auto-pay dates.  We will continue to monitor the feasibility of this feature for the future.  

I am not able to pay my electric bill; is there any assistance available?

There are options for members who need financial assistance with their bill. Click here to learn more. Also, consider switching your account to Pay As You Go.