Board of Directors

The business and affairs of the Association is guided by a board of nine Directors, which exercises all of the powers of the Association, except those that are by law, or by the Articles of Incorporation of the Association, or by the Bylaws, conferred upon or reserved to the members. The Board of Directors is elected by and from the membership for four-year terms from voting districts.

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Board Meeting Schedule

Poudre Valley REA Board of Directors meetings are held monthly and unless otherwise noticed, they are held at our headquarters building, which is located at 7649 REA Parkway, Fort Collins. The monthly meeting location, date and commencement time are posted in the front office lobby and below. 

Our monthly meetings are public meetings and any members of the Association or general public are welcome to attend and observe. Attendees will be given an opportunity to address the board following the Guidelines for Public Participation.

2017 Meeting Schedule:

Meeting Dates (click for agenda) Minutes
January 31 January Minutes
February 22 February Minutes
March 28 March Minutes
April 8 - Annual Meeting Annual Meeting Minutes
April 20 April Minutes
May 30 May Minutes
June 7 - Special Meeting June 7 - Special Meeting Minutes
June 22 June Minutes
July 27 July Minutes
August 29 August Minutes
September 26 September Minutes
October 24 October Minutes
November 28 November Minutes
December 21 December Minutes


2016 Meeting Schedule:

Meeting Dates  (click for agenda) Minutes
January 25 January Minutes
February 23 February Minutes
March 29 March Minutes
April 16 - Annual Meeting Annual Meeting Minutes
April 26 April Minutes
May 31 May Minutes
June 28 June Minutes
July 26 July Minutes
August 18 August 18 Minutes
August 30 August 30 Minutes
September 27 September Minutes
October 25 October Minutes
November 29 November Minutes
December 20 December Minutes


PVREA Board policies are available here.